Personality perfection research institute

Personality perfection research institute

Become more competent in your life by taking your mindfulness to the next level.

Self-awareness primarily means understanding of one’s resources and an ability to use them in any given situation. In every domain of your life, you should not only set realistic goals but also possess a set of reliable tools that help you achieve results while simultaneously moving in several directions.

Self-perfection is impossible without a crisis of getting to know your own self. We offer you this crisis and invite you to open your eyes, unframe yourself, look at things globally and define yourself in this global dimension.

Any contemporary education provides knowledge. But this external information is easily available. Furthermore, it doesn’t develop a person. With our help, discover and learn one single subject – yourself. This knowledge is a truly complex one, it can’t be found in open sources, and it allows to grow towards your dream.

Gender, age, social status, current mental state — none of these matter. The goal of our institution is to guide a person from what they already know about themselves and the world to what they have never even thought about. Everyone will have their own path, everyone will get to the new level. Your level and your path won’t match the ones of others.

This is a chance to stop being an actor in your life and try being its director instead.


Learning process


Course I. Three level of mindfulness. The basics.   Programme.pdf

You will learn how to create a holistic and detailed psychological profile which allows to understand and predict any person’s behaviour, motivation and goals.

A comprehensive view of the human psyche. 81 types of personalities. Interactions between different types, genders, in society. Management of yourself, of people and teams.
6 months. An intensive course is possible.
20 hours of seminars, 5 hours of independent study, 15 blocs of practice, 10 individual sessions.

Course II. Three levels of mindfulness. Development.   Programme.pdf

You will learn how to find and fulfil any person’s potential in a balanced way without abusing the personality.

Potential and the limits of perfection. Crisis. Ways and methods of development.
Methods of shaping and instruments of influence.
4 months
16 hours of seminars, 4 hours of independent study, 16 blocs of practice, 8 individual sessions.


Talent. Hobby. Love. Energy and energy centres. Happiness. Adaptation reserves. Life plot. Service. Stress. Meaning of life. Unwanted thoughts. Internal conflicts. Children upbringing. Worldview and values. Procrastination. Self-esteem. Loneliness. Sexuality. Etc


Evaluation of the goals common for the team. Profiling of the potential team members. Prediction of team interaction. Resolution of conflict and stressful situations. Trust between employees, common motivation, distribution of roles, horizontal connections within the team.

Individual consultingPresentation.pdf

Help in determining the level of development, potential and ways of its implementation. Self-development: career, love life, communication, creativity. Relationships: analysis of compatibility, building relationships. Children: career guidance, talent development.

Dr. Karina Veingard
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Concept of three levels of mindfulness
Comprehensive psychological approach and creation of a holistic portrait of a person.
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Personality perfection research institute
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